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Why is Visiting the Dentist an Important Part of Prenatal Care?

January 27, 2019

7 Benefits of Dental Laser Treatment

January 27, 2019

Dental Implants 101…

January 27, 2019

Is It Safe To Go To The Dentist During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

January 27, 2019

Care for your Whole Family

February 12, 2019

11th Annual Dentistry from the Heart

January 22, 2019

Here’s to Overall Health in 2019!

January 11, 2019

Why is Visiting the Dentist an Important Part of Prenatal Care?

Posted January 27, 2021.

This is very good question!  While you may have completed the nursery, checked your registry list twice and scheduled every follow-up appointment with your OB/GYN, what is missing?  During the excitement of anticipating and making arrangements for your newborns arrival, many expectant mothers forget to schedule a check-up/cleaning as part of your prenatal care.

For some, it isn’t until you experience the pain that comes from excessively swollen gums, due to the presence of bacteria that pregnant mothers are sent sprinting to their dental office.

Did you know….dental plaque/calculus can throw a pregnant mother’s immune system into over-drive, which is why it is really important to practice good oral hygiene and make sure to schedule regular visits with the dentist/dental hygienist during your pregnancy.

Some of the earliest signs of pregnancy gingivitis include;

  • Bleeding when brushing/flossing
  • Gum tenderness

If left undisturbed, bacteria will multiply within the oral cavity and can wreak havoc on the gums and bone tissue.

Before experiencing these types of symptoms; it is important to schedule regular exams and dental cleanings so that bacteria under the gum tissue can be professional removed.

So please consider your dentist in your prenatal care to-do list!  Call us to schedule.

7 Benefits of Dental Laser Treatment

Posted January 27, 2021.

That’s a great question!  Many people may not know that lasers provide revolutionary and painless options to kill harmful oral bacteria, plus they allow you to preserve teeth that may have been lost with standard periodontal disease treatments.  Using lasers represents the leading-edge treatment to fight periodontal disease.

These are some of the benefits of using lasers to treat gum disease:

  1. Eliminates bleeding of the gums IMMEDIATELY
  2. Seals deep periodontal pockets
  3. Eliminates cutting the gums, soreness and other discomfort caused by surgery
  4. Reduces or eliminates loose teeth
  5. Regenerates bone and ligament tissue
  6. Enhances the possibility of success
  7. Offers and easy solution in case of a setback

Our hygienist team are trained and certified in Laser Treatment.  Call our office today to discuss your options!

Dental Implants 101…

Posted January 4, 2021.

Before advances in technology, one of the saddest days for a dentist and their patient was finding that a tooth could not be saved.

In fact, over time teeth may actually have to ‘retire’ for a variety of reasons. This can include fracturing your tooth while eating, or an infection. Thanks to dental implants, you no longer have to feel hopeless about this.  There are ways to regain your ability to chew, smile, and continue life without worry!

Dental implants have been a widely accepted tooth replacement therapy for over 50 years!  With the continued advancement of technology and an understanding of biology, dental implants have become a long-term option for replacing teeth. By the end of this blog, we hope that you have a better understanding of what dental implants are, who may benefit from implants, how much they cost, and more!  Stick around to learn what the term “All-on-4” means….

So what are dental implants, exactly?
Dental implants are root-shaped posts that adhere to your bone and are used to attach false teeth, such as a crown, bridge, or denture. They are made of titanium, which is similar to the material used in medicine for joint and hip replacements. You may never see the post because it stays underneath the gums. And, after the implant has healed completely, a porcelain-like crown is custom-made and permanently attached. The crown is the tooth portion you use to chew and smile with.

Conroe Comprehensive Dental Center

What are the different tooth-replacement options?
When replacing one or multiple teeth, there are essentially three options.

The first, and typically most economical, is a removable appliance. This option is easy to clean, fairly esthetic, and easy to chew with. You place the appliance in your mouth during the day, then remove and clean it at night before going to sleep. However, the appliance may wiggle because it is only supported by your gums and makes tasting food more difficult.

A second option is a bridge. Similar to the idea of connecting two roads, two teeth right next to the missing tooth are prepared for crowns, and then the bridge is cemented in place. This will function just like your natural teeth and are fairly eye-pleasing. However, cleaning under the bridge may be difficult and requires very diligent attention.

Bridges are a more aggressive treatment option because they require reducing the two adjacent teeth and have the added risk of a cavity forming under the bridge.

Many of our patients enjoy the third option, which is dental implants. The dental implant only involves the space of the missing tooth and is fixed in place. We custom-make your crown to fit your smile.  This option is the closest ability to a natural tooth. Plus, it has a longer lifespan than the bridge.  It is typically more costly upfront but well worth the investment.

Now…what are the advantages of dental implants?
Well, with dental implants, you have all of the desired outcomes. They not only appear like a natural tooth when you smile but are strong enough to eat your favorite foods, and most importantly, are the longest-lasting option available.

The dental implant is more conservative than other options (such as a bridge) because it does not reduce the neighboring teeth and is easier to clean and floss. If the supporting teeth of a bridge get a cavity it could lead to a root canal or further tooth loss.

This is less of a concern for dental implants as they cannot get cavities.

Patients who have invested in dental implants are able to enjoy a better quality of life.

And…what are the disadvantages of dental implants?
The disadvantages of dental implants, in the beginning, are that they take time to heal and can be more expensive than alternative treatments.

We are dependent on the body to heal and accept the implant, some complications may arise but are manageable. These must be considered when choosing the best option for your tooth replacement.

So…how long do implants take?
Although each case is treated uniquely, a dental implant can take from 4 to 12 months to complete. If your case requires a bone graft, 3-6 months of healing time is needed. Then, the implant is placed and will require 3-4 additional months of healing to integrate with the bone.

Lastly, the crown is attached after the implant is completely integrated. Each person’s medical history and dental situation is unique and will impact total treatment time. We can discuss all of your options and a thorough treatment plan during an initial consultation.

And the big question…what do dental implants cost?
The cost of dental implants can vary greatly.  This depends on a unique case and treatment plan. At Montgomery & Conroe Comprehensive Dental Centers, we are committed to using the highest quality materials and research to perform your treatment.

We also do our best to find a solution that is within your financial budget and life circumstances. Dental implants may be more costly in the beginning, but the investment is well worth the reliability and your quality of life.

I’m wondering…do dental implants hurt?
Our goal as providers at Montgomery & Conroe Comprehensive Dental Centers is to ensure your comfort while receiving treatment. Many of our patients are surprised by how little discomfort they had after the procedure! Although mild discomfort can be expected, this is very manageable with over-the-counter medications, such as Advil and Tylenol.

For patients who may have dental anxiety, we offer IV sedation and other services to make your experience a pleasant one.

Who is a candidate for dental implants?
You may be a candidate for dental implants if you have one or more missing teeth, have a broken or non-repairable tooth, or have a loose-fitting denture.

Dental implants are truly life-changing, and may be an option for anyone who wishes to smile with confidence and chew the foods that they love! Please take our dental implant quiz to see if you may be a candidate for dental implants.

What if my tooth has been missing for a very long time?
I am sure you have heard the saying, “if you don’t use it, you lose it!” The same principle applies to our bones and gums. Once a tooth is removed, the bone and gums will shrink. This means that in the future, the bone may require rebuilding in order to replace the tooth. We provide 3D technology to evaluate the quality and quantity of your bone at the time of your consultation. At that point, we can determine if you have enough bone for an implant or if you will need an additional procedure to build the bone and gums back.

Can my body reject the dental implant?
Generally, dental implants have an outstanding success rate of 95%. Our practice aims for perfection in making sure your case is a success and will give you years of service.

Science has shown people with uncontrolled health conditions and people who smoke have a higher chance of healing complications. With these exceptions in mind, Montgomery & Conroe Comprehensive Dental Centers will fix any issue for the first 5 years of service at no cost under our “Warran-teeth” policy. What makes us different is the confidence in the service we offer and the ability to stand behind our work!

So…what if I don’t like my current denture?
Many of our patients have had dentures for years but over time notice that the dentures do not fit snugly anymore. A poorly fitting denture may cause sores, move around while eating, or even hinder your ability to speak well.

Dental implants can be used to help secure your teeth with our Snap-on Denture or Fixed Hybrid options. This means, no more adhesive or goop!

The Snap-on Denture allows your teeth to be stabilized by Snap-on attachments. This removable option makes cleaning your dentures in the morning and at night a breeze. In addition, the palate of the top denture is open, improving your ability to taste food. By having the palate open, it is also helpful for people with a strong gag reflex and who experience difficulty speaking with conventional dentures. Both the teeth and base are made of acrylic material.

Conroe Comprehensive Dental Center

The Fixed Hybrid is our most secure option, functioning as close to natural teeth as possible. The natural-appearing teeth are fixated onto the dental implants and can only be removed by a dental professional for cleaning. It does, however, require diligent cleaning underneath the teeth. But, it is the thinnest and strongest option. The teeth can be made of acrylic or porcelain material.

Conroe Comprehensive Dental Center

At long last…what is “All-on-4” or the famous “Teeth in a Day”?
“All-on-4” is a marketed tooth replacement option similar to our Fixed Hybrid. In the event that a whole arch of teeth cannot be saved, we can replace those ‘retired’ teeth with a set of natural-appearing teeth that are fixed in place using implants.

In some cases, we can attach the implants to your temporary hybrid on the day of surgery. This is important, as it means that you will not have the inconvenience of a removable denture while you are waiting for your implants to heal!

Now…what makes our office different are the implant packages that we offer. We customize a treatment plan specific for your case with all-inclusive services at bundled prices. This allows you to receive the highest quality of care available and have it be affordable.

How do I care for my dental implants?

Just as with any other tooth, dental implants need to be cleaned and maintained on a daily basis. Brush for two minutes and floss between each tooth at least once a day. We also recommend a professional cleaning and exam every 6 months to follow the health of the implant and your overall oral health. Remember, your teeth are a window into your overall health.  This is why it’s important to stay on top of your dental exams.

What should I look for when buying a dental implant?
When considering where to have your dental implant services, it is extremely important to consider you are buying more than the dental implant. Patient service is a key factor.  At Montgomery & Conroe Comprehensive Dental Centers, we provide unparalleled customer service, a dedication to excellence, and a 5-year “Warran-teeth” policy that sets us apart.

Both Dr. Timothy Gardner and Dr. Ryan Rodriguez have extensive training that is focused on providing you with teeth that esthetically suit you best, including color, shape, and the importance of how your teeth and jaw fit together.

We use computer-guided implant placement systems, providing the most accurate surgical outcomes. It is likely that we can perform all the services you need under one roof, including bone and gum grafting, IV sedation, and more. These extensive measures are taken to give you a service that will last a lifetime!

We hope that our shared passion for excellence will grant us the opportunity to serve you.  Contact us for an initial consultation at

Last, but absolutely not least…the most important detail to leave you with is that we offer Life-Changing Dentistry and our mission is to apply the “Golden Rule” to everything we do.

Is It Safe To Go To The Dentist During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Posted November 16, 2020.

Undoubtedly, COVID-19 has changed our lives and while we’ve never seen anything like this before, avoiding the dentist isn’t a wise idea. Avoiding regular cleaning and resolving pain issues will not only help your overall health but can prevent issues from becoming even more painful and much more costly down the road.

To help with the fear of air quality in a dental office during both COVID-19 and flu season, we’ve added new surgically clean air purifiers that are among the world’s o advanced standalone medical air purifiers that not only kill germs and viruses but remove particles including allergens and re-energize stale indoor air to make breathing easier.

If you have been putting off a cleaning or are experiencing tooth pain, request a reservation with our team and we would be happy to serve you and decide the best treatment plan for you!

Care for your Whole Family

Care for your Whole Family

Posted February 12, 2019

The struggle is real. Work, kids, extra activities, meals, doctors appointments – it’s not easy being Mom and Dad.
But what if you could do two things at once?
We serve as a family one-stop shop for dentistry!
Get your teeth cleaned while the kids get orthodontic check-ups. Treat yourself to whitening while the kids get their fillings.
Have e-mails to respond to? Take advantage of our complimentary Wi-Fi.
Let our team help you make the best use of your valued time and free you up to do the important stuff.

11th Annual Dentistry from the Heart

11th Annual Dentistry from the Heart

Posted January 22, 2019

Dr. Tim Gardner of Conroe Comprehensive Dental Center (CCDC) and Montgomery Comprehensive Dental Center (MCDC), armed with staff and volunteers is out to change lives by offering free dentistry to the underprivileged of Montgomery County, as they host the latest event in conjunction with Dentistry from the Heart (DFTH).
The 11th Annual event will treat those, residing in Montgomery County, who truly need, but cannot afford dentistry. The procedures done free of charge include extractions, simple fillings and cleanings.

In 2018 CCDC donated more than $39,000 worth of free dentistry to about 70 underprivileged residents of Montgomery County. They hope to see an increase in numbers this year. To date, their event has donated more than $380,000 worth of free dental care to members of the community.
“Now more than ever I know there are people out there who need my services but have no means to afford them; whether they are out of a job or just having a hard time,” Gardner said. “This Dentistry from the Heart event is my way of giving back to the community and being there for the people who are in need of dental work.”

The event will take place Saturday, April 27, 2019, at the office of CCDC at 2210 North Frazier, Suite 120 in Conroe. Registration will begin at 7:30 a.m. Patients will be seen on a first come, first serve basis. Patients are asked to bring ID or other paperwork proving their residence in Montgomery County. Staff and volunteers will treat as many patients as possible by 5 p.m.

11th Annual Dentistry from the Heart
11th Annual Dentistry from the Heart
Here’s to Overall Health in 2019!

Here’s to Overall Health in 2019!

Posted January 11, 2019

My biggest concerns for all of my dental family are diseases that affect us systemically. They include oral cancer, infections and nighttime airway issues. Here’s how I address these each of these health concerns:

Oral Cancer: At a minimum, oral cancer checks are done annually at your hygiene visits. I’ve surrounded myself with wonderful specialists in the event that anything even remotely suspicious is discovered. One American is diagnosed with oral cancer every hour. Early detection improves a patient’s chances, but the long term prognosis is not good.

Infections: Infections in the mouth come in two ways; infected teeth or infected gums. Infected teeth are painful and easily recognizable by the patient. They are also one of the biggest reasons a patient visits us for the first time.

Infected gums are typically not painful, until the patient is nearing the point of losing a tooth (or teeth) due to bone loss. Gums that are swollen, tender, red or bleed when brushing or flossing are an indication of infection present.

What both types of oral infections have in common is that they travel through the body and create other issues. These systemic links include heart disease, stroke, premature/low birth weight babies, as well as additional complications for those diagnosed with diabetes.

If you’ve been diagnosed (or suspect) that you may have an oral infection – do NOT delay!

Nighttime Airway Issues: Typically known as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), untreated, it creates an increased risk for hypertension, atrial fibrillation, heart attack, stroke, obesity, day time sleepiness and depression, to name a few. Childhood symptoms include ADD, ADHD, bed wetting, daytime sleepiness (falling asleep in class, need for naps), etc.

The medical community believes that there are between 30-40 million undiagnosed sleep apneics. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is the treatment of choice, but studies show that 60-70% of patients abandon (or cannot tolerate) CPAP use. Oral appliances, like the ones created in our dental practice, are very effective in treating mild to moderate sleep apnea. I have actually seen success in treating several patients diagnosed with severe OSA.

If you suspect you or a loved one may be suffering from OSA, we will gladly do a FREE at-home sleep study! If you’ve been diagnosed, but cannot tolerate or use your CPAP, we’d love to discuss other treatment options.

Let us help you and yours make 2019 a year full of health!